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Chakal - Abominable Anno Domini

Classic is a word bandied around far too easily in music. But Chakal's debut album 'Abominable Anno Domini' is a bone fide Brazilian thrash metal classic if ever there was one. It was available only on vinyl for a long time (from its original release of 1987 through until the first standalone CD issue in 2005). Here it is featured in both its CD forms, pictured at the top the re-issue from Cogumelo (licensed through Greyhaze Records), and below the original Cogumelo digipak pressing - both sadly out of print. Both come with the 'Living With The Pigs' EP as bonus tracks. The band went on to play much more groove-oriented metal later in their careers, but their debut was a fiery blast of tropical heat from the depths of the Brazilian jungles. Oh, and if you recognise the cover art, it's because it's 'The Triumph of Death', painted by Pieter Bruegel - also used in many other metal cover artworks (Angelcorpse's 'Hammer of Gods' to name but one).

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