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Yattering - III

Well, morbid curiosity got the better of me with this album. Yes, former Polish death metal crew Yattering here with their final album, 'III'. I had heard snippets of it, and really didn't like what I'd heard - but being in the 'collector' mindset, it was burrowing a hole in my psyche knowing I only needed it to complete their full length discography. Experimental isn't the word.... They mix up death metal with pounding dance & break beats, similarly to the embarrassment of Avulsed mid-90s experimental 'Cybergore'. Like that album, this one needs to be flushed twice to get it to around the U bend, such is the enormity of its figurative turd size. I'm all for experimenting with music, but this is painfully dated and pretty hard to listen to for any amount of time. Still, a fairly difficult album to come by these days, at least for those - like me - stupid enough to want it. I didn't pay a lot for it.

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