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Otargos - Spawn From The Abyss / Fuck God - Disease Process / No God, No Satan

I first discovered the greatness of Otargos when I received a promo to review for their 2nd album, 'Kinetic Zero', and since then I've been a fan of their forward thinking black metal bombast. Their debut album on Rupture Music is also featured elsewhere on this site. 'Spawn From The Abyss' is also on Rupture Music, and limited to 500 units. It's a compilation of their early EP and demo (autographed by the band in the 2nd picture). 'Fuck God - Disease Process' is their 3rd album, again on Rupture, featured here in its 2 disc digipak form (the 2nd disc is a live DVD performance; this was also limited; this time to 1,000 units). 'No God, No Satan' is their 4th album and their first released on Season of Mist. All in all some great quality music right here.

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