Welcome to Source of Steel - The Heavy Metal Museum. For the metal head who likes to own or collect physical CDs, Source of Steel is my website dedicated to the love of physical metal on shiny plastic discs. Micro-reviews, thoughts, pics of my own collection and random utterances galore. The site started out purely as a way of sharing my rarities to like-minded fans, but now (for longevity's sake more than anything) it is open to new physical metal music bits I've picked up, including new releases and other random shit.

Artillery - Through the Years (Box Set)

Another one of these great Metal Mind box sets here, this time from Danish thrash metal kings Artillery. Featuring the band's first 4 albums, this also has the great 32 page booklet with photos and bio, as well as a good stack of bonus tracks. Similarly to the previous sets, this is limited to 2000 copies, and out of all of them, I'd say this is possibly the hardest to get hold of these days.

Parusie - ...In Silence

Another Raw Skull Recordz release here, but this time a re-issue of a release which was originally self released by the band to a super mean limitation of 300 copies. Parusie hail from Switzerland and this was their only full length album (so far, they reformed recently). Great old school European styled death metal here, which is boosted by a careful Ted Tringo (Dark Symphonies/The Crypt) remastering which breathes new life into this once dead corpse. The layout has been kept almost identical to the original as well, adding to the old school feel - which is great because I hate it when a label re-issues with shitty new layouts and/or completely new artwork. This re-issue is limited to 500 copies, so it won't be around for long.

Gravestone - Rotten Kill EP

Gravestone features Per Samuelsson of Entrails, and features really grimy, slimy Stockholm styled death metal that if it wasn't for the beefy production; could've crawled out of Sunlight Studio in the early 90s. Speaking of the production, the band apparently used the complete engineering settings from Entombed's album 'Clandestine' for this release - so if anything, that should give you a nice idea of what to expect upon pressing play. Good shit indeed. A Raw Skull Recordz release, a label with their ear to the ground when it comes to digging out little gems in the OSDM underworld.

Bulldozer - Regenerated In The Grave (Box Set)

The Italian underground's Godfathers of extremity here, Bulldozer! This box set features their first 4 studio albums from the mid to late 80s, and their early live album in one top quality, beautifully presented set (which was released by Metal Mind in 2006). As with all of these Metal Mind sets, this features a huge booket with photos & bio, and tons of bonus tracks on each disc - everything a true fan could ask for (well... perhaps they could've done without their 90s foray into techno/rap metal 'Dance Got Sick' as a bonus track but it'd be churlish to quibble - haha!). Limited to 2000 hand numbered copies.

Vastum - Carnal Law / Patricidal Lust

US death metal band Vastum here, with their debut and sophomore albums 'Carnal Law' & 'Patricidal Lust'. To my ears, these guys use Incantation as a blueprint, contorting and twisting the sound into a really dark, low rumbling death metal torrent with bags of atmosphere. I lap up shit like this every day of the week, and these guys are on to something special - highly recommended. Both CDs released by 20 Buck Spin.

Memoriam - For The Fallen

Memoriam have shot onto the scene very quickly since forming in 2016, and it's not surprising there is such interest in them considering the CVs of the band members. Featuring Karl Willetts and Andrew Whale of the much missed Bolt Thrower, as well as Frank Healy and Scott Fairfax of Benediction, this is exactly how you imagine it would sound from the people involved - trundling, death metal fury with themes of war, death and destruction. I managed to get an autographed art card with my version too (pictured bottom left). Nuclear Blast digipak.

High On Fire - The Art Of Self Defence / Surrounded By Thieves

The first two album from High On Fire here, the band formed by Matt Pike shortly after the dissolution of doom-meisters Sleep. Plenty of similarities between the two bands to be heard, and as you might expect, top quality sludgy stoner doom is in bongfulls on these albums. Smoked out, hazy lazy doom all the way. 'The Art of Self Defence' is the original Man's Ruin Records press (re-presses had different artwork), and 'Surrounded by Thieves' is the Relapse digipak version.

Cerebral Fix - Products of Disgust (Box Set)

The 4 CD box set release from Metal Mind combines a whole stack of material from Cerebral Fix, spanning their early more hardcore edged crossover years to their more thrashy releases that they were blasting in the early 90s. Limited to 2000 copies, this is not only packed to the brim with bonus tracks featuring all sorts of rare live material and rehearsal tracks, but also a nice fat booklet with all sorts of rare pictures and information that all major fans will revel in.

Autopsy - After The Cutting (Box Set)

This is the 2016 4 disc book set of Autopsy's 'After The Cutting',  a limited release containing an expansive 72-page book penned by US-based writer/artist Dennis Dread that recounts the band's career.  The band's EP 'Skull Grinder' is included as part of the package, plus another 3 discs of classics, demos and previously unheard rarities. The booklet is top quality, featuring stories and new pictures - all in all this is top quality package, perfect for the hardcore fan.

Liege Lord - Master Control

Liege Lord's third and final album here, 'Master Control', featured here in its first official repress from 1997 on Metal Blade. Pretty much unanimously agreed that this album contains some of their finest works, with it's soaring power metal and great speed metal riffage running throughout. There's an absolute TON of bootlegs of this album, so if you're on the lookout for one, be very vigilant to avoid those.

Otargos - Spawn From The Abyss / Fuck God - Disease Process / No God, No Satan

I first discovered the greatness of Otargos when I received a promo to review for their 2nd album, 'Kinetic Zero', and since then I've been a fan of their forward thinking black metal bombast. Their debut album on Rupture Music is also featured elsewhere on this site. 'Spawn From The Abyss' is also on Rupture Music, and limited to 500 units. It's a compilation of their early EP and demo (autographed by the band in the 2nd picture). 'Fuck God - Disease Process' is their 3rd album, again on Rupture, featured here in its 2 disc digipak form (the 2nd disc is a live DVD performance; this was also limited; this time to 1,000 units). 'No God, No Satan' is their 4th album and their first released on Season of Mist. All in all some great quality music right here.

Excruciating Pain - Thou Shall Choose

Excruciating Pain's one and only full length album here, released on the highly collectable Mexican label Avanzada Metálica. This also had a release on the JL American Records in the US. This is nothing but underground, early 90s death metal; nothing particularly spectacular or earth shattering but it serves it's purpose when the ear requires OTT distortion and growling.

Morta Skuld - Surface

The 4th (and up until recently, final) album from Morta Skuld, 1997's 'Surface'. This didn't see the band at a particularly high point of their career, instead treading water in their meat and potatoes basic death metal formula - the sign of a band running low on ideas and vigour. Thankfully, their comeback album released 20 years later had the hunger again. Whilst 'Surface' isn't overtly terrible, it certainly wasn't their finest hour. Pavement/System Shock release.

Cannibal Corpse - 15 Year Killing Spree (Box Set)

This set from long running legends of death metal Cannibal Corpse combines a 2 CD 'best of' selection, a CD of demo and unreleased material, and a live DVD of footage from multiple performances throughout the bands career. Whilst not essential to the hardcore fan who probably has a lot of this stuff already, it also contains a nice comic illustrated by their long running cover artist Vincent Locke, as well as a poster, expanded band history/biography in booklet form and a guitar pick.

Limbonic Art - Volume I-IV (Box Set)

This is the boxed set version of the first four albums from Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal band Limbonic Art. Featuring 'Moon In Scorpio', 'In Abhorrence Dementia', 'Epitome of Illusions' and 'Ad Noctem - Dynasty of Death', this covers the majority of their strongest works in my opinion. This comes as pictured with a nice extended booklet and band bio. Some may find the overt syphonia and synth work too much (and admittedly, there is a lot of it), but there's just enough spite & bite to keep me returning. Limited to 5000 copies.

Pallbearer - Sorrow & Extinction / Foundations of Burden / Heartless

The three full length album releases to date from US purveyors of doom and gloom, Pallbearer. 'Heartless', having recently been released really caught my attention and had my revisiting their earlier material once more - so much great doom here. Although 'Heartless' has a somewhat cleaner sound, it still taps straight into your pshyche and tugs hard on the heart strings - emotionally draining, but absolutely top notch doom throughout these guys' careers.

Earth - HEX; or Printing in the Infernal Method / Hibernaculum / Primitive and Deadly

The maestros of drone here, Earth, with a cross section of their releases from the mid-to-later parts of their careers as of now. I must say, I was never a great fan of their earliest material, but the stuff they've been putting out over the last few years is much more to my tastes, mixing drone with strange, psychedelic country post-rock. Not 100% metal per se anymore, but definitely one for people with a ear for strangeness.

Paradise Lost - The Singles Collection (Box Set)

A nice little set of releases here, covering the bands early to mid-period of their careers to date. This was released in 1997, and combines the singles 'As I Die', 'Seals the Sense', 'The Last Time', 'Forever Failure' and 'Say Just Words' into one outer card slip case. I added in another pic of 'Seals the Sense' which I have that has been autographed by the whole band just for shits and giggles. A nice cross section of the bands early days - well worth picking up for completists and fans alike.