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Fleshcrawl / Suffocation - Festering Thoughts From A Grave

This is another Raw Skull Recordz release, a label I seem to be buying almost every release from these days. This is a compilation of early Fleshcrawl material, including their material under their old name of Suffocation (thus, not a split with the US death metal legends). This release starts with earlier material (which is a whole lot more thrash oriented than the death metal they became known for as Fleshcrawl), but ends with the EP 'Lost In A Grave' which preceeded Fleshcrawl's debut album. I'm much more of a fan of the death metal material, as the thrash was lacking bite. Still, an interesting compilation that clearly shows a journey into death that the band followed. This comes with the Obi strip pictured, and hand-numbered with a limitation of 99 for the first copies only.

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