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Carcass - Swansong

Swansong, the 1995 release from Carcass which was (for a long time), the bands Swansong that the title suggested. A departure in sound from their earlier works, increasing on the melody of 'Heartwork', and gaining a much more rock inspired riffage into their sound. The loss of Michael Amott who went on to pretty much reproduce the mid-period Carcass sound with early Arch Enemy was a big one, but Bill Steer was still the driving force and riffmeister general. This was the limited edition 'brain' shaped disc version, which came with a bonus disc featuring (strangely) the last track of the regular album, and a bonus track tacked on - thus 2 tracks on the disc in it's entirety. The reason behind this was apparently that the full album wouldn't fit onto the shaped brain disc, so a last minute fix was made. Oops! Anyhow, a nice little rarity that is worth picking up if you see it kicking around.

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