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Arthemesia - Devs Iratvs

With all the ridiculousness going on with Wintersun's crowdfunding campaign of late (50 Euros per person for the basic package they are offering, which is essentially a stack of digital music featuring only one new album - currently adding up to a total of €318,572 - insanity and pretty heart rending for the likes of myself considering there is absolutely NO physical option), here we have Arthemesia's debut album, a band which had not only Wintersun mainman Jari Mäenpää in its ranks (running alongside his time in Ensiferum too), but also other Wintersun members during the band's time. This release is actually pretty damn good, even if I do say so myself. Melodic black metal, without quite as much cheese as his band is known for these days. Original release on Native North Records.

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