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Anal Cunt - Everyone Should Be Killed / I Like It When You Die / It Just Gets Worse

A selection of albums from the incredibly sensitive and loving grind blasters, Anal Cunt. Yes, of course you've heard of them before (with a name like theirs, it's bound to draw attention). Let's face it, attention is what mainman Seth Putnam loved (his song titles, lyrics and overall lifestyle were pretty much as offensive as it got). GG Allin, eat your heart out. Anyhow, these three albums cover various periods of their earlier works, all released on Earache Records and currently out of print. I must admit, the dark humour has had me chuckling in the past - pretty much due to the shock value and/or childishness of a lot of it, certainly more so than the actual enjoyment of the music on offer (it was - at its most basic - as close to pure white noise, feedback and distortion as it gets at times). But, who can deny their unbending insistence of upsetting as many folks as they possibly could in their time as a band.

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