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Cynic - The Portal Tapes / Uroboric Forms: Complete Demo Recordings

A couple of Cynic demo compilations here, the first is their 'Portal Tapes' material, secondly their early pre 'Focus' demo material collected on 'Uroboric Forms'. 'The Portal Tapes' is basically a stripped down, metal-free version of Cynic as we knew and loved them, recorded after their debut 'Focus', they were heading down the route of this new sound, changing their name to Portal. Anyhow, none of this came to fruition and the project was put on hold, only to be released officially years later on this comp. More interesting to a metal head is their 'Uroboric Forms', featuring their thrashy beginnings, right through to the material released just before their debut, which sounded very similar indeed to the material on it, minus the vocoder-ed vocals.

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