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Agretator - Delusions / Distorted Logic

A couple of re-issues here from Swedish death metal crew Agretator, a band who's split lead to the formation of Darkane. Originally released on the tiny (and highly collectable) label Crypta Records, their debut has the best of the material here in my opinion, but there are still some gems to be found on the EP & demo comp of 'Distorted Logic'. Both here reissued by Dark Symphonies, a label that has renewed interested in some truly excellent underground gems.


  1. Dark Symphonies is putting out a lot of GREAT reissues, I have both these Agretator's ones, and they did a great job here and with Summertime Daisies, Hydra Vein, Hexx and more... I invite everybody to support this label

    1. Completely agree! So many killer underground gems are now easily available once again.