Welcome to Source of Steel - The Heavy Metal Museum. For the metal head who likes to own or collect physical CDs, Source of Steel is my website dedicated to the love of physical metal on shiny plastic discs. Micro-reviews, thoughts, pics of my own collection and random utterances galore. The site started out purely as a way of sharing my rarities to like-minded fans, but now (for longevity's sake more than anything) it is open to new physical metal music bits I've picked up, including new releases and other random shit.

Celestial Season - Orange

The third album from Celestial Season here (their first two albums have also featured elsewhere on this very website - have a search if of interest). This album was the first major step away from their original doom/death sound towards the stoner they would go on to play from this album onward- the difference in music was plain for all to hear, but just take a look at the difference in layout! I must admit I preferred their early career more, but this album was also pretty good for what it was. Original first press on the wonderfully named Big Bloke Records.

Agretator - Delusions / Distorted Logic

A couple of re-issues here from Swedish death metal crew Agretator, a band who's split lead to the formation of Darkane. Originally released on the tiny (and highly collectable) label Crypta Records, their debut has the best of the material here in my opinion, but there are still some gems to be found on the EP & demo comp of 'Distorted Logic'. Both here reissued by Dark Symphonies, a label that has renewed interested in some truly excellent underground gems.

Gory Blister - Cognitive Sinergy

One of the most questionable band names ever? I'd say so. Surely a case of the language barrier causing such a name, these Italians have been blasting out technical death metal since the early 90s, with this being their early EP from 1997. Fast, angry and with flawlessly technical musicianship, this is sure to blow the cobwebs away. Nosferatu Records.

Loudblast - Original Album Classics

A bit of a strange set here, these Original Album Classic's series are usually a great way for major labels to cobble together classic artists albums in one bare bones set at a discount price, not really for putting together excellently obscure death/thrash bands albums like this. Anyhow, this was released by XIII Bis Records, the same label that released the bands more recent albums (I guess they had a license to release their earlier/out of print stuff). However, I'd like to have thought they'd have done a decent box set of these albums with extended booklets and write ups/reviews, exclusive photos etc, but instead they went down the budget route. Each album is in a cardboard slipcase, housed inside the main card case - no booklets or anything more. A shame, as the material on offer deserved much more.

Brutal Truth - End Time (Deluxe Box Set)

Another limited edition set here (to 500 units this time), this one was ordered directly from Relapse, something I would do more often, if it wasn't for their crazy excessive pricing for shipping to anyone outside of the USA. 'End Time' is the final album from grindcore pioneers Brutal Truth, featuring their usual shards of spastic riffage and disdain for regular arrangements and melody. This set comes with some admittedly pretty cool art cards, 6 bonus tracks of covers from Napalm Death, S.O.B, Discharge and others, and also the sleeve is scratch and sniff, supposedly smelling of weed. Now, I dunno what weed these guys are smoking, but it's smell is like no other weed I've ever caught a whiff of!

Rotting Christ - Rituals (Box Set)

The most recent album from Greek stalwarts of extremity Rotting Christ here, in it's limited edition box set, which comes with stickers, patch and metal badge (and a bonus track). This was limited to 5,000 copies, and they actually flew pretty quickly (often I find 'limited' things from the larger labels are around for a good while, but this one seemed to disappear in a few months). Hard to classify, so we'll go with death/black - in reality its more of the same of their top quality extreme metal.

My Full Collection Throwback, Circa 2011 / Twitter Account


Some time ago (2011 to be precise), I created a YouTube channel to mirror what I was doing here on Source of Steel. I took a stack of pics of the CDs which were in my collection at the time and stuck them all into video format. It's pretty basic as you can see. My eyes burn at the font choices. The quality of my collection is much better now, thinning out a lot of the chaff I'd accumulated over the years (as well as a phase of replacing a few represses with first editions that I'd picked up along the way). Maybe one day I'll have the patience and time to do a refresher of everything from my collection as it is now. But don't hold your breath - haha! Anyhow, take a look at the playlist above if you're inclined to do so!

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Acrimony - The Acid Elephant EP

In addition to the band's two full length albums which I featured a few years ago on this very website (have a search if it's of interest), came this EP which was released shortly after the bands debut 'Hymns to the Stone', also on Godhead Recordings. Yet more smokey, hazy stoner here, with a darker edge in places. Have a taster below, well worth a blasts next time you light a doobie and kick back in the name of Sabbath.

Cynic - The Portal Tapes / Uroboric Forms: Complete Demo Recordings

A couple of Cynic demo compilations here, the first is their 'Portal Tapes' material, secondly their early pre 'Focus' demo material collected on 'Uroboric Forms'. 'The Portal Tapes' is basically a stripped down, metal-free version of Cynic as we knew and loved them, recorded after their debut 'Focus', they were heading down the route of this new sound, changing their name to Portal. Anyhow, none of this came to fruition and the project was put on hold, only to be released officially years later on this comp. More interesting to a metal head is their 'Uroboric Forms', featuring their thrashy beginnings, right through to the material released just before their debut, which sounded very similar indeed to the material on it, minus the vocoder-ed vocals.

Moévöt - Abgzvoryathre

'When this work of audio Darkness was out in August 1993, it was originally dedicated to Lord Meyna'ch; it still is, and forever will be...'. So says Vordb of Les Légions Noire's very own Brenoritvrezorkre (and many others). This is far from the black metal he might be known for, instead featuring crepuscular dark ambient which drifts over you like a cold fog. Haunting and original, this is a tough title to find on CD these days (it was issued only in small quantities on Vordb's own label).

Vintersorg - Hedniskhjärtad EP

The first release for Vintersorg (a.k.a Andreas Hedlund) Hedniskhjärtad (or Heathen-hearted, in English), was one of the very earliest releases on Napalm Records. I'm a huge fan of Vintersorg's mix of clean and harsh vocals, and have followed his career throughout not only his own band, but also Borknagar, Otyg and many others. This is a nice piece to have to hear some of his earliest material and to see how he's progressed as an artist (and a vocalist) over the years. Great, epic melodies, fizzing guitars and heartfelt music. Good stuff.

Cemetery - Enter The Gate (Discography 91-93)

Among the many bands named Cemetery nestles these German death metallers who were to release their debut album 'Enter the Gate' on West Virginia Records (a label whose CDs are pretty sought after by collectors these days). Shortly before it was released, their drummer left, and the label went bankrupt - so the album ended up never getting an official release on CD. Spanish label Memento Mori (who are one of my favourite labels these days) has compiled their entire discography onto a beautiful double CD set, which includes the album and demo material to boot. Considering the material on display (particularly the album itself) it's a shame these guys aren't mentioned in the same breath as German greats such as Morgoth and Fleshcrawl. Well worth checking out!

Kat - Oddech wymarłych światów

Kat were another thrash obscurity from the Eastern Bloc, rising from Poland in the early 80s with a speed metal vibe which morphed into something entirely more thrashy by the time they released this (their 3rd) album in 1988. This is the re-issued version of the album from the masters of the Digipak remasters themselves, Metal Mind records. Occasionally aggressive, but mostly chunky thrash is the order of the day here, with plenty of dynamics to keep your interest throughout. Check it out below.

Antropomorphia - Necromantic Love Songs (Compilation)

Another little gem dug up from the deepest dankest depths of the underground here, with the re-issued 1993 EP from dutch death metallers Antropomorphia (along with their '92 demo 'Bowel Mutilation' as bonus tracks). This comp was originally released on vinyl in 2011 by serial re-issuers The Crypt, and then finally transferred into the silvery circle of plastic joy you see here by Metal Blade in 2016. A nice slice of early death metal, with an unwholesome early Death-esque vibe to some of the riffage, as well as a nice growly Broken Hope styled edge to their faster blasting moments.

Gore Beyond Necropsy - Noise-A-Go-Go!

The Japanese scat-kings themselves, and self proclaimed masters of "Analdrillingrind Hardshit Core". It takes a strong disposition to get anything out of such aural abused which is trying to be the very antithesis of music's usual core structures, which is probably why these guys are hated by so many - much to their own pleasure. To me, this is funny as.... shit. It just makes me laugh that they go to such extremes in just about every respect. Pure mindless noise-grind for poo lovers everywhere! Relapse Records.