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Venom - Calm Before The Storm

Venom here with one of their lesser known (and more commercial) albums, 1987's 'Calm Before The Storm'. This is the original pressing on Filmtrax, but this album has seen many re-issues and even a few name changes throughout the years (it was also released under the titles 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Under A Spell' by various other labels, as well as an unofficial release under the title 'Metal Punk'). Until finding a copy for myself, I'd always believed they'd gone for the fully monochromatic album artwork with this - not so when you take a look a the slight bluey hues in the cover art. This album was definitely one of their more polished, very NWOBHM sounding, even with Cronos taming his vocals and the other guys providing some harmonising from time to time. I know, Venom, harmonising. Whatever next.

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