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Tiamat - The Ark of the Covenant (Box Set)

I found this box set at an awesomely cheap price, so figured it was worth a shot. I'm not the greatest lover of Tiamat, only really knowing of their first albums up to and including 'Wildhoney' (and not being overly impressed with what I'd heard). But, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to pick up so many of their albums to test out in one hit for what worked out as less than £1 each. To be honest, the set isn't that great and the rest of their material really wasn't to my taste either. Although it looks pretty from the outside, each of the 12 albums (and one bonus DVD) comes in a cheap, bare-bones 'promo album' styled card sleeve - no individual booklets at all. It does have a rather fat 74 page booklet separately with great photos etc, but I'd much prefer the individual album ones personally. Featuring material only from their Century Media years (including far too many live albums - 4 in total including the DVD), it does have one exclusive B-sides package 'Panopticon', it also comes with a numbered certificate stating a number out of it's limitation of 3,000 copies. It is what it is.

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