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The Dead Youth - Intense Brutality

I think (in fact, I'm pretty sure) that this is the only the 2nd Avanzada Metálica release in my collection. It is such a sought after label for collectors, once featuring such ancient classics as Morbid Saint's debut, and Dark Half on their roster, this was a much less known US band who kicked out a nasty sounding style of death metal. I was never 100% sold on the vocals, which at times sounded pretty drunk and bellowing, but the music is good enough to warrant repeated listens. I bought this dirt cheap off Discogs a few years ago, and it came still sealed in cellophane. I've still not had the balls to open it. "The disc might not even be inside" says the evil devil in the back of my mind. Urgh! What a pretentious asshole collectors can be huh? To be fair this is the only CD where I've acted this way, I'm much more of a buy to actually listen to music rather than a "hold with rubber gloves and keep in an airtight container out of sunlight at all times" sort of guy.

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