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Spiral Architect - A Sceptic's Universe

One of my all time favourite albums here, it took me completely by surprise on release (I also have the standard EU version with blue artwork on Sensory Records). This is the Japanese version licenced through Avalon, which comes with a bonus track 'Prelude to Ruin' (a Fates Warning cover). Still in it's cellophane with stickers as it only arrived a couple of days ago! For those who are unaware of the band, they are the absolute epitome of crazy-assed, manic prog metal. If the likes of Watchtower are a bit much for you, give these guys an even wider berth :). Roaming, technical basslines, crazy rhythmic structures, falsetto vocals - all churning and twisting over the top of each other like tectonic plates made of snakes. I can't fawn over this album enough, it's absolutely fantastic.

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