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Sepultura - Kairos

Sepultura are a divisive band, and have been for a good while now. Some will ignore any release post-'Arise', many will ignore any release post-Max Cavelera, and various degrees of turn offs in between. Myself, I kept following the band through their 'groove/nu' phase, but lost interest along with many others. I'd occasionally dip in to see what they were up to these days, and this purchase was another one of those  occurances (via a £3 2nd hand shop pick up). I was pleasantly surprised with this, actually sounding a lot better than the bad memories of 'Nation' and 'Roorback' which I was left with previously. They will never re-visit their death/thrash days, but this stuff is actually fairly palatable in my opinion - nothing to be blown away with or life changing, but certainly worth the £3. This is the deluxe edition with comes with a bonus DVD of the making of the album (which admittedly, I've no intention of watching haha).

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