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Death Angel - The Evil Divide

Death Angel have always been a little bit of a strange one for me. Their classic debut 'The Ultra Violence' is, of course, held in high regard for good reason. But since that release, they've not seemed to quite reach the same levels of fiery attack, even at times seemed to be blatantly treading water. When they reformed after the long absence in 2001, I was hoping for big things, but those things never quite came into fruition. This is not to say that their albums have been mediocre - far from it - and this album is yet another example of their ability to pen some decent songs. It's just that the songs don't quite gel with each other, or even at times drag when hitting album format. Perhaps it attests to the strength of their debut that I'm expecting too much  - I don't know - it's just something intangible for me personally. Anyhow, this is the CD & DVD version of 'The Evil Divide' on Nuclear Blast.

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