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Arx Atrata - Spiritus In Terra

I was super happy to receive this the other day, the newly released 2nd album from one man Nottingham atmospheric black metallers Arx Atrata, hand numbered digipak, number 1 of 500! Usually early issues of hand numbered releases are held off for friends/family/band members, so to receive number one, I am surprised and honoured. I first discovered the band when the debut album came out and I was writing for Ave Noctum, site owner Pete Woods reviewed it, and being such a huge fan of the style I figured I had to check it out. Thus, I managed to pick up the Digipak version, and I wasn't disappointed. A few years down the line and album number two has finally seen the foggy light of day, and what can I say - Arx Atrata should definitely be on the lips of any fans of the style. Their every pore billows with icy atmospheres, wonderous majesty and shivering nostalgia. Do yourself a favour and investigate their music, you won't regret it.


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