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Lunacy ‎– Face No More

The debut album of the Swiss thrash obscurity that is Lunacy here, on Magic Records/1MF. Decent US styled thrash, with a nicely rabid guitar tone with enough chunk to see em through. Unfortunately for them, they were one of those bands who got swept away by the wave of Death metal that was everywhere by the time this was released (1991). Always nice to unearth some thrash from the 90s which doesn't completely suck though! Worth a look!

Exciter ‎– Heavy Metal Maniac / Violence & Force

A nice 2 album compilation here of Canada's Exciter, featuring their first two releases, 1983s 'Heavy Metal Maniac' and 1984s 'Violence & Force' on Megaforce/Caroline Records (1989). Arguably their best two albums, it features rock-solid proto-thrash-cum-speed metal at a high level of quality - exactly what you would expect with the added purity of the early 80s. The only issue I have with this release is that the label decided to chop off a track from each album to make it fit on one disc - one of the most annoying and retarded traits of studios back in the days - not acceptable. Nether-the-less, this is well worth checking out if you haven't done so already, but chances are you already will have :)