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Various Artists - Projections of a Stained Mind

I don't often post up many V/A albums (in fact I think I've only posted up a couple previously to now). However, this comp from 1991 has such importance on the burgeoning Scandinavian extreme metal scene that it just had to go up here. This is the white covered version (there is also a black covered version with the same content), and it features bands that went on to great renown (Entombed, Mayhem, Therion, Dismember, Tiamat etc), as well as bands who never ventured much further from the cult/demo stage (House of Usher, Nirvana 2002, Traumatic etc). All in all, a hugely influential album which helped to pass the then obscure music around the world in one lovely CD, released on CBR (Chickenbrain Records).

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