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Dripping - Disintegration of Thought Patterns During a Synthetic Mind Traveling Bliss

Pretty long title huh? Almost in Bal Sagoth territory there! Dripping's only full length studio album so far is one of the better examples of brutal death metal with a lot of flair and a whirlwind of hatred. Macabre Mementos Records released this back in 2002, but it soon disappeared from circulation and has become sought after by fans and eBay scalpers alike. Worth checking out!

Merciless - The Treasures Within / Unbound

Two albums from one of the very earliest blasts of extremity to make it out of Sweden. Merciless were renowned for their no nonsense deathly thrashing approach, with their debut album 'The Awakening' being the first to sign on Euronymous' Deathlike Silence label way back when. Both these albums are essential in my opinion, with their later self titled fourth album not quite recapturing the magic they had early on. These are original CD pressings on Active Records, and No Fashion Records respectively.

Asphyx - Asphyx / Embrace the Death / God Cries / On the Wings of Inferno

Here are four albums from Asphyx's less critically renowned period. Their debut and sophomore albums always seem to get the plaudits when it comes to discussions of the highlights of their career, but there's still a lot of quality to be found in these albums too (particularly their self titled album, and 'Embrace the Death' which was originally planned to be their debut album but shelved). All releases are original pressings on Century Media Records, and were out of print until a couple of years ago when the label decided to do the right thing and re-issue them (albeit with different artwork).

Accessory - Within Your Mind

This is the West Virginia Records re-issue of the one and only full length album from German thrashy deathsters Accessory. It was originally self released by the band, but then given a link to better distribution channels by this pressing. Decent music, but nothing as spellbinding as any of the classics in the genre. After these guys split the members went on to form another band, Colour Trip, who had much more of a hardcore edge to their sound - pretty weak in comparison to their stint as Accessory from what little I've heard.

Havoc - Father Jones

Another slice of obscurity here with Havoc, from Washington USA. Ignoring the overly Christian lyrical stance, this is some decent US heavy metal with touches of power. Father Jones (1992) was their only full length release, before they disappeared altogether a couple of years later. Only pressing on B&N Records, not particularly easy to find these days.

Accursed - Meditations Among the Tombs

The one and only full length album from Wisconsin's Accursed here, featuring strange and feverish black/death metal with a lot of odd touches of synth and a cold gothic atmosphere. These guys split up soon after it's release (1995), and are yet another band to feature in the 'where are they now' file. Original press on Visceral Productions (another label to have fallen by the wayside over the years).

Decrepitaph - Condemned Cathedral

The debut album from Decrepitaph, delivering a nice hit of Razorback styled deathly horror. Strangely hard to come by these days, but if you're patient enough you can still pick it up for a decent price. Original press on Razorback Records.