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Psychopath - Making the Transition

The debut (and only) album from US progressive death/thrash metallers Psychopath. Released on the long defunct C&C/Major Records, this was a tasty snap of proggy (but not always tight or technical) death metal with thrashy overtones, delivering a good blast into the ballbags. It doesn't matter that it's not polished or that the production isn't the greatest, it has a nice old school vibe with genuine riffage and that's good enough for me. Out of print, but not that hard to find for a decent price if you're patient. *Note* - The disc looks pink in the pic, whereas in reality it's a deep red - my scanner must've been having an off day!


  1. The almighty Psychopath is actually from the US, they were just on a German label.

    1. Doh! I did actually know that, cheers for the heads up will edit

  2. found this for just 3 euros.. lovely strange riffings.