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Gutted - Bleed For Us To Live

Ohio's Gutted here, with their debut album from 1994 'Bleed For Us To Live'. If you frequent metal forums, chances are you've come across these guys in an 'underground death metal gems' thread, or suchlike. These guys got quite the name for themselves after disappearing into the ether thanks to the age of the internet, and there's plenty to like about their sound. Down-tuned, mid-paced and gnarled death metal is the order of the day, with truly crushing vocals and guitar tone. An original pressing on Red Light Records, and out of print - even the band themselves released a CD-r copy of this for fans in 2007 which was remastered. Hard to find for a low price these days, more so if you can find one without a hole-punched barcode.



  1. Very jealous of this! I agree most of the copies of this I see for sale have a punched barcode/promo; great find!

  2. Essential for every serious (death metal) collection. I had to pay about 100$ for mine and luckily its barcode isn't whole-punched.
    Would you mind telling me the matrix code of your version?
    Mine is (mirror-inverted):


  3. Exellent cd, congratulations man!