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Kazjurol - Dance Tarantella

600th post, another milestone which I never thought I'd see. Cheers! Whether these Swedes meant to mis-spell Tarantula (seeing as said spider appears on the cover), or whether they were referring to a dance popular in Italy, I'll never know. I'm opting for the former. Anyhow, these guys could thrash with the best of them, and this was their one and only full length album, standing proud amongst a slew of demos and EPs between 1987-1991. This is an original Active Records pressing from 1990, long out of print but one to track down for the thrashers.


  1. Bought this one a while ago in Prestine state for 4€. indeed an awesome Thrash piece.


  2. Tarantella is related with the spider Tarantula. Read more on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarantella