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R.I.P Jeff Hanneman (1964-2013)

To one of my all-time favourite riff writers, R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman of Slayer. A huge loss for metal - let's face it, this guy wrote the majority of Slayers GOOD stuff. Without his influence on my musical tastes I probably wouldn't have started this website. Further info available here.


  1. Indeed. R.I.P... Creator of Awesome Riffings..

    This man will be lost. And to me, With him. Slayer Died also..


    1. I'd been clinging onto the hope that he'd be back in the Slayer fold to contribute to the new album they were writing. The prospect of a Kerry King written album does not excite me at all.

  2. same here. All the great things came from Hanneman..