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End Amen - Your Last Orison

The one and only full length release from these German progressive metallers, 'Your Last Orison' has a lot to like musically, and features members of German luminaries Deathrow and Psychotic Waltz. Interesting riffage which has similarities with the like of Paradox, Watchtower and Mekong Delta - definitely worth checking out. An original pressing on Institute of Art Records.

Holy Terror - Mind Wars

The second (and final) album from US thrashers Holy Terror put them on the map as a real force to be reckoned with. Their debut had the power and force, but this was just a huge step up not just in terms of songwriting quality, but it just sounded reassuringly tighter too. Well worth tracking down if you haven't come across the name before, this album was aggressive and pissed - just the way thrash should be. An original pressing on Under One Flag.

Possessed - Seven Churches

Arguably the birth of death metal right here, the debut album of Possessed still stands up to this day. No further description necessary, but if you call yourself a death metal head and don't know this album, bow your head in shame. This is the Roadracer 'Price Killers' pressing.

Amon Amarth - Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds

Here is the remastered repress of the debut EP from now stadium filling death metallers Amon Amarth, which was released in jewel case format in 2000. I feel with each album these guys release, they lose it more and more, but there's no denying the power of this early EP and their debut album. Even though this isn't one of the very first digipak pressings from 1996, it still fetches a pretty price on eBay due to their ever expanding fanbase clamouring for full discographies! Pulverised records, limited to 2,000 units.

Voivod - War & Pain

Here's another title which I added to my collection for one reason - adding to my roster of Roadracer Records Price Killers series of albums! One of the easier ones to find, this is the feral debut album from Canadian thrash legends Voivod (as if you didn't already know). Whilst not their masterwork, there is a lot to love about this album's scathing sound.

Arckanum - Fran Marder / Kostogher / Kampen

These are the original first pressings of the first three albums of Swedish black metal legends Arckanum on Necropolis Records. The debut in particular was limited to 1,000 copies, and every other press afterwards had the same artwork, just in black and white (in fact, Necropolis themselves also did a repress a year later in black and white). Kostogher and Kampen were limited to 3,000 units each. One of the shining lights in Swedish black metal lore, everyone who hasn't heard this guys trio of brilliance certainly should.

Detritus - Perpetual Defiance

UK thrashers Detritus here, with their debut album from 1990. Along with the likes of Seventh Angel (also featured earlier on this very site), these guys had the whole Christian lyrical thing going on, but thankfully it isn't too preachy. I find the cover art quite amusing though, with the fiery sword making all the goblins and ghouls cower - the power of christ compels you! Haha. Anyhow, the music is pretty decent so I'd say they're definitely worth a look. An original CD pressing on Under One Flag.

Sodom - Agent Orange

This album really needs no introduction. One of the 'Teutonic trio' alongside Kreator and Destruction, Sodom's finest work (at least in my opinion) from 1989 'Agent Orange' had the aggression, the lyrical themes and the TONE to carry it through to today as one of the finest thrash albums ever penned; well over 20 years since it was written. An original Roadracer Records pressing, hard to find for a sensible price these days.

Hellwitch - Syzygial Miscreancy

In addition to my earlier post of their EP on Lethal Records all those months ago (have a search in the box to the right if you want to check that out), here is the debut album from US underground masters Hellwitch. Technical as hell, and did I mention fast? The album clocks in at just over 25 and a half minutes of aggressive awesomeness. This truly is a classic, and should never be mentioned as anything less. An original pressing on Wild Rags.

Tribulation - Clown of Thorns

Not the fresh faced bunch of death metal inspired teenagers from Sweden called Tribulation, this is in fact the early crossover/thrash Tribulation from Sweden. Yes, more daft crossover with a crazy and fun tone. Again, not a band that will change your world, but they served their purpose and had quite the following in Sweden back in the day. They only released this one full length album, but did also put out a stack of demos throughout their lifespan and a final 'farewell' EP in 1994. An original pressing on Black Mark Records.

Haunted Garage - Possession Park

Nice retarded crossover thrash here, from the long forgotten Haunted Garage. These guys disappeared into obscurity, but left us with this full length album to consider for the rest of eternity. Not that you'd want to - haha! Well, it isn't that bad, but it's fairly generic "leave your brain at the door" fun - they're called Haunted Garage for fucks sake, what do you expect?!. It has some alternative leanings which put off a lot of people too, but it's decent enough to throw on once in a blue moon. An original Metal Blade pressing, out of print - but not hard to find for a decent price at all.

Crimson Relic - Purgatory's Reign

Forming from the ashes of Divine Eve (after their initial split in the early 90s), Crimson Relic appeared to release this one full length album, before quickly disappearing into obscurity themselves not long after. Pretty much ignored back when it was released, the age of the internet has allowed this to now receive the praise it was most definitely due - a fine example of doomy death metal for sure. This is an original press on Radiation Records, a short lived offshoot of Nuclear Blast Records.

Asphyxia - Exit: Reality

Here we have a thrash rarity in every sense of the word (a few months back, I saw this go for the best part of £150 on eBay - madness). Belgian thrashers Asphyxia were one of the very first bands to feature Christian Olde Wolbers in their ranks (later of Fear Factory fame), thought he didn't appear on this, their one and only full length studio album. I actually love this album, with its crunchy aggressive tone there isn't a lot to dislike. Great riffs, awesome tracks - it's all good in my book. If you can find a copy that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, pick it up without a second thought. An original pressing on Rumble Records.

Virus - Lunacy

In addition to my earlier post about UK thrashers Virus (their compilation album which can be found elsewhere on this blog if you'd like a quick search), this is their final (and best album). Basically the majority of the really mature, good stuff off of their aforementioned 'Warmonger' compilation came from this album. Chuggy thrash awesomeness, well worth seeking down if you can find a copy. An original press on Metalworks.

Infernal Torment - Man's True Nature

Danes Infernal Torment certainly knew how to write some gnarled, growly death metal. This is their debut album from 1995, and it's pretty brutal stuff, nice huge riffs and memorable songs. This is the uncensored version with cartoony "pitchfork up the ass/decapitated woman" artwork (there was another version with just a black cover and writing). Diehard Music, out of print.