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Troll - Drep de Kristne

Here is the 1996 debut album from Norwegians Troll, 'Drep de Kristne' (or 'Kill the Christians' for English speakers like myself). At this point in the bands career, these 'guys' consisted of pretty much one bloke - Nagash (formally of Dimmu Borgir, and also of The Covenant - who later became The Kovenant after another band shared their name). This features prime black metal, replete with all the hissing bile against Christianity you'd expect, with accompanying keyboards (as has been a trademark of Nagash throughout his career). Don't let the mention of keyboards put you off, as this is far from some floral happy affair as you'll hear if you press play below. This is the original first digipak pressing on Damnation Records (it was later re-issued by Head Not Found with different artwork, but even that press is out of print too). The artwork is by Alex Kurtagic, who also did the art for Dimmu Borgir's Stormblast album, amongst others.

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