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Root - The Temple in the Underworld / Kärgeräs

What more can get you in the Christmas spirit than some pervading Czech brilliance in the form of Root (pronounced 'ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT' to fans - hahah). These are two of my favourite albums from the band, but to be fair, Big Boss and co released so many great albums (especially in the 90s) that it's hard to hold up some over others - however, that's what I've done as these two are harder to find in these particular pressings. These guys really are unique in what they do, taking the standard 2nd wave black metal vibe in their early days and slowly moulding it into their own take of epic, dark heavy metal, compounded by the excellent vocals of Big Boss. 'The Temple in the Underworld' is the original first press on Monitor Records, and 'Kärgeräs' is also a first press on the tiny Black Hole label who disappeared as quickly as they appeared in the mid-nineties (perhaps into a black hole? Sorry...).

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