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Pan Thy Monium - Dream II / Dawn of Dreams / Khaooohs

Now, I may just be going a bit senile here, but I'm CERTAIN I posted these up previously. I even remember scanning them before, but somehow - nope they're not on my blog. Anyhow, Gremlins notwithstanding, here they are again in all their glory - the early EP and first two albums from Dan Swano's Pan.Thy.Monium. Just look at all those genres listed below... haha - it's death metal Jim, but not as you know it. Winding, experimental, progressive and doomy - this project covered all bases and pleased most. At first the sound was alien to me, but upon multiple re-visits each of their releases just opened up into a vast mindfuck of listenability. All are original pressings on Avantgarde Music, Osmose & Osmose respectively.

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