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Despair - Decay of Humanity / Beyond All Reason

Here are the 2nd & 3rd albums from German technical thrash/speed metal crew Despair. The bands first album was always one of the many banes of my Metal Collecting life, as I've not yet managed to find an original copy at a decent price (it was released on CD in 1988 and limited to 1,500 copies - thus is ideal moneyspinner on eBay whenever it does appear). There is a re-issue due imminently so I hear, so I look forward to finally having a CD copy at least! Anyhow, these two albums are pretty great, with 1990s 'Decay of Humanity' having the edge over 1992s 'Beyond all Reason' in pure awesomeness stakes. These guys are best know for featuring guitarist Waldemar Sorychta (who later went on to be the main man of boring thrashers Grip Inc. with Slayer's Dave Lombardo in the 90s, and became a popular producer for the likes of Unleashed, Tiamat & Samael) and also vocalist Andreas Henschel was formally the head of Century Media records. Both CDs are original pressings on Century Media, and long since out of print.

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