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Cancer - To The Gory End / Death Shall Rise / The Sins of Mankind

Early English death metal here (with thrashy moments!) from Telford's Cancer. Telford is a shithole, so it's no wonder their death metal is pretty gnarled and angry sounding. James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament et al!) joined the band for their 'Death Shall Rise' album, which is generally seen as their pièce de résistance (it's my personal favourite too, along with their wonderfully basic - but brilliant debut). The Sins of Mankind is pretty much the runt of the litter, and saw the band start to spin into a downward spiral - still, it does have its positive points so it isn't all bad. Original early pressings on Vinyl Solution/Restless (1992), Restless (1991) and Restless (1993) respectively.


  1. Does your "The Sins Of Mankind" CD have printed MASTERED BY NIMBUS inside?

  2. Yep it does, with the numerical part of the matrix code on the adjacent side of the disc.

  3. To the Gory End with the original cover is damn hard to find!

    1. I know there was a Brazilian re-issue of it at some point late last year (or it could've been this year). Not sure how legit it was though, probably not very - not even sure if it had the original 'Dawn of the Dead' inspired artwork tbh. It's a great album either way, well worth owning in whatever form.