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Sadistik Exekution - The Magus

FUKK!! SADISTIK EXEKUTION!! AAARRRGGHHHH!! Fuzzy, angry, noisy - a musikal monstrosity of hatred and unabashed nausea. Sadistik Exekution's debut album from 1991 here, melding a krushing effervescing mess of hissing karnage kaptured on plastik. The fact that this is arguably their most accessible album says a lot too. What a bunch of kunts! This is the original first pressing on Vampire Records, pretty hard to come across these days (even the 2nd press on Osmose is out of print).


  1. This album is crazy. Ahead of it's time too. It was recorded in '86.

  2. Got this one! I remember seeing stacks of them around in the late 90's.

  3. Cool! I guess it helps being Australian! Haha