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Appalling Spawn - Freedom, Hope & Fury

Appalling Spawn are the band who later went on to become Lykathea Aflame, so understandably have similarities in sound (though, I'd say this is slightly 'heavier' in some ways, an even perhaps more riff-oriented than Lykathea Aflame). This is the release on the Infernal label, who were a tiny Chilean label if memory serves correctly. Great death metal again, and another title that should be on your want lists if you don't already own it (there was a 2011 discography CD that was released if you struggle finding the first press).


  1. Where the fucking fuck did you find this? Wasn't it limited to 500?! Holy hell, I dread to think how much you must've paid for half this stuff.....

  2. The vast majority of my stuff is bought at a decent price, I'm not a fan of paying eBay prices so don't do it very often. You'll be amazed what you can find with time, patience and the right knowledge.

  3. Well, if you managed to pay less than $100, it's a pretty impressive find. I really love your blog.