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Kvikksølvguttene - Krieg

A side project of Mayhem's Necrobutcher here, Kvikksølvguttene started out as an attempt to re-start the band Vomit (an early death metal band), but ended up being it's own thing. This was the only full length studio album by the project (though they did release an E.P also). You'll get an idea of the amount of fucks given to feelings by the cover art (depicting what seems to be an African militia, chowing down on some poor fuckers severed hand - nice). Anyhow, although the music won't have won them any awards, it was clearly warranted for the band members to vent a spleen or three. An original pressing on Head Not Found.


  1. Terrible, terrible album haha. I tried to sell this on ebay twice, no bidders!

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  3. Hahaha, it's not THAT bad - but then, I guess there isn't a lot of eBay interest in it - I mean, who the fuck outside Norwegian speakers can SPELL Kvikksølvguttene without having to check, let alone search for it?! Hahaha