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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sacrosanct - Truth Is, What Is / Recesses For The Depraved / Tragic Intense

Sacrosanct were a pretty tasty technical thrash band from The Netherlands, featuring Randy Meinhard (formally of Pestilence) and also Pestilence's Marco Foddis in the bands early incarnation. These guys only released 3 albums, and here they all are in all their thrashing glory. My personal favourite is Recesses For The Depraved - really good shit. All original pressings on No Remorse Records, 1MF & 1MF respectively.


  1. Wow, I love the cover on Truth Is - What Is!

  2. Aye, Sacrosanct are great man - could be right up your street I'd say

  3. Heard some tracks on YT and won a copy of Truth Is, What Is pretty cheaply on eBay last night. Thanks again man, great band!

  4. Better late than never!! Thanx guys just found your comments!! Stay Tragic, Randy