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Manes - Under Ein Blodraud Maane

So, here we have post number 500. Yet another huge milestone for this blog. It's been more popular than I could've hoped, and has lasted so much longer than I ever envisioned - so thanks to all my followers and commenters for helping me get it this far. As for the album in post 500, I figured I'd go with an album which means a lot to me. In this case, it's Manes full length album 'Under Ein Blodraud Maane'. The age of the internet has promoted Manes material to a much wider audience, but for me, they still don't get the recognition they deserve. This album compiles the best of their amazing 3 demos, re-recorded with better production but just as much atmosphere as the originals. Words can not describe how great this album is, so I'll let you discover it for yourselves if you haven't already. I will say this however, this IS black metal for me. Morbid, cold, sick, evil - it has it all. Manes went on to experiment a lot more with their sound, losing their edge for me - but this album still remains and spends a lot of time in my CD player everytime I experience that transylvanian hunger. Original first pressing on Hammerheart Records (though it was also re-issued in a digipak form with different artwork years later after this).


  1. Congrats on the 500! Haven't heard this band but I'm listening to the track you posted and like what I hear. Reminds me a bit of Lunar Aurora. Good stuff!

    1. Check out their demo compilation CD if you can, well worth tracking down if you feel the need to dive headfirst into the frostbitten forests!