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Exhorder - Slaughter In The Vatican / The Law

Kyle Thomas' Exhorder are known for being the band who Pantera supposedly 'stole' their sound from when they moved away from being glam metal on their Cowboys From Hell debut. There are clear similarities to the sound heard on the Exhorder albums for sure, with the grooving thick guitar tones and tough guy vocals - it's not hard to see where the comparisons came from. Well, not only did Exhorder pre-date Pantera's change in style, but they were a lot more 'thrash' than 'groove' and they were much better than Pantera too (particularly their Slaughter In The Vatican debut). They deserve to be remembered for more than the whole Pantera thing. Get Slaughter of the Vatican now if you haven't already, it's awesome. Original pressings on Roadracer Records.


  1. I think their more awsome then Pantera.Realy good and agressiv,you dont get bored with the songs!

  2. The only groove I can detect on "Slaughter..." is a part on "Desecrator". The rest for me is pure and relentless speed/thrash in the vein of Slayer and that is why I love that album! "The Law" went more into the groove thing, which disappointed me a bit but is still a good album.