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Manes - Under Ein Blodraud Maane

So, here we have post number 500. Yet another huge milestone for this blog. It's been more popular than I could've hoped, and has lasted so much longer than I ever envisioned - so thanks to all my followers and commenters for helping me get it this far. As for the album in post 500, I figured I'd go with an album which means a lot to me. In this case, it's Manes full length album 'Under Ein Blodraud Maane'. The age of the internet has promoted Manes material to a much wider audience, but for me, they still don't get the recognition they deserve. This album compiles the best of their amazing 3 demos, re-recorded with better production but just as much atmosphere as the originals. Words can not describe how great this album is, so I'll let you discover it for yourselves if you haven't already. I will say this however, this IS black metal for me. Morbid, cold, sick, evil - it has it all. Manes went on to experiment a lot more with their sound, losing their edge for me - but this album still remains and spends a lot of time in my CD player everytime I experience that transylvanian hunger. Original first pressing on Hammerheart Records (though it was also re-issued in a digipak form with different artwork years later after this).

Filthy Christians - Mean

Featuring the infamous artwork of the corpse of former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme shortly after being gunned down, Filthy Christians' one and only full length studio album features crusty, grinding bursts of anger which Earache were renowned for back in the day. Out of print these days, this is the original Earache press - worth checking out if you like a bit of grimy grind.

Exhorder - Slaughter In The Vatican / The Law

Kyle Thomas' Exhorder are known for being the band who Pantera supposedly 'stole' their sound from when they moved away from being glam metal on their Cowboys From Hell debut. There are clear similarities to the sound heard on the Exhorder albums for sure, with the grooving thick guitar tones and tough guy vocals - it's not hard to see where the comparisons came from. Well, not only did Exhorder pre-date Pantera's change in style, but they were a lot more 'thrash' than 'groove' and they were much better than Pantera too (particularly their Slaughter In The Vatican debut). They deserve to be remembered for more than the whole Pantera thing. Get Slaughter of the Vatican now if you haven't already, it's awesome. Original pressings on Roadracer Records.

Acid Reign - The Fear/Moshkinstein / Obnoxious

MORE THRASH! Hahaha. Here's England's Acid Reign, another renowned band amongst thrash lovers, mostly for their debut 'The Fear'. A warped sense of humour for sure here, but not at expense of the molten riffage and attitude. Just look at that eye-raping cover of Obnoxious - certainly a memorable sleeve (but for all the wrong reasons!). These are original pressings on Under One Flag (with 'The Fear' featuring the bands early EP Moshkinstein as bonus tracks).

Atrophy - Socialized Hate / Violent By Nature

Here are the only two studio albums from US thrashers Atrophy. Really strong thrash right here, and a band most will likely have come across if you have even a passing interest in thrash (such is their quality). Out of the two I've always though Violent by Nature is the slightly stronger, but Socialized Hate has some truly kick ass riffage too - so check out both if you haven't already. Original pressings on Roadracer/Roadrunner respectively.

D.A.M - Human Wreckage / Inside Out

The two album from England's D.A.M (Destruction & Mayhem), released in 1989 and 1991 respectively. Another one of those bands who pretty much got lost in the mire of the late 80s thrash outpouring, only to disappear after their 2nd album was released when the general interested was moving quickly away from thrash to things more extreme. These albums have been re-issued recently, but these are original pressings on Noise Records.

Mangled - Perish

Originally released in 1993, this is the 1995 re-issue of Mangled's 2nd demo on Wild Rags records. Hailing from Holland, these guys had a gnarly doomy brand of doom death which although never made them stand apart from their peers, certainly is worth checking on. Mangled went on to release 3 full length studio albums where they went on to lose some of the doomy drudgery, to push more into full on death metal - also worth checking into, especially their debut album 'Ancient Times'.

Donor - Triangle of the Lost

Debut album from Dutch progressive thrash metallers here, Donor's 'Triangle of the Lost'. Similarities between the classic prog thrashers Watchtower to be heard for sure, so if that sort of thing is your bag you need to do yourself a favour to check these guys out too. An original pressing on Mausoleum Records.

Necronomicon - Apocalyptic Nightmare

Here's an album which has been re-issued, bootlegged - the lot. The 2nd album from German thrashers Necronomicon is my personal favourite of theirs, mixing up the first two Slayer albums with the teutonic thrash of early Destruction to create their own thing. This is the original pressing on Kraze Records.

Addictive - Pity of Man

The debut album from these Australian speed/thrashers. Addictive had a sound similar to early Metallica/Megadeth (especially on this album), and actually supported Metallica back in the days. Good quality stuff here, not surprising with half the band featuring members of Aussie luminaries Mortal Sin. Well worth checking out. Original first CD pressing on Rattlesnake Records.

Sacrosanct - Truth Is, What Is / Recesses For The Depraved / Tragic Intense

Sacrosanct were a pretty tasty technical thrash band from The Netherlands, featuring Randy Meinhard (formally of Pestilence) and also Pestilence's Marco Foddis in the bands early incarnation. These guys only released 3 albums, and here they all are in all their thrashing glory. My personal favourite is Recesses For The Depraved - really good shit. All original pressings on No Remorse Records, 1MF & 1MF respectively.

Necrophiliac - Chaopula: Citadel of Mirrors

Another band which released one full length album to their name, Spain's grimy death metal crew Necrophiliac. Gotta love that artwork - haha! Is that a dick spouting from sicko baby's 'shed' face? What the fuck is up with the popped titty? More covers should have poorly drawn entrails and snakes shooting out of children's heads if you ask me! Anyway, musically this is pretty good - doesn't quite stand up to the best in the genre or anything like that, but it's more than enough to get your death metal rocks off to. An original pressing on Dave Rotten's infamous Drowned Productions.

Messiah - Psychomorphia E.P

Messiah's 'Psychomorphia' EP saw the start of a change of sound for the band in 1990. Shortly before their third (and best, in my opinion) album 'Choir of Horrors', this showed a sharper, more musically focussed Messiah in comparison to their festering days of filth. Gotta love this, even if mainly for the 8 minute plus title track! An original pressing on Noise Records.

Mythos - Pain Amplifier

The one and only full length album from Finland's Mythos here, the awesomely titled 'Pain Amplifier'. I love to throw this on as it always hits the right spots when I need a nice crushing blow to the eardrums. The pace builds to an almost grind feel at times, such is the viciousness of the music - gotta love it. Original first press on Evil Omen Records (an old Osmose offshoot label).

Thy Serpent - Forest of Witchery

Here is the 1996 debut album from Finnish melodic black metallers Thy Serpent. Really strong material here, featuring former & current members of such luminaries as Beherit & Gloomy Grim. Original first pressing on Spinefarm Records.

Nuclear Death - Carrion For Worm

Grinding death metal here from Nuclear Death, with the US bands 2nd album 'Carrion For Worm'. Crazy harsh vocals from Lori Bravo, booming drums and a wash of static fizz for guitars - these guys were never about nuance or gentle acoustics, in fact Autopsy's Chris Reifert does backing vocals on a couple of tracks here. An original CD pressing on Wild Rags, long out of print.

Nåstrond - Toteslaut / Age of Fire

Some great Swedish black metal here, with the first two Nåstrond albums in their original first pressings on Napalm Records. Nåstrond disappeared after their 2nd album, before re-forming years later to make a couple more albums which weren't in the same league quality-wise as their first two. Definitely check these out if you get to come across them.

Crimson Glory - Crimson Glory

For fans of US heavy proggy metal, Crimson Glory will be well known (especially for their first two albums in the mid to late 80s). Vocalist Midnight (RIP) makes this album for me - he had a pair of lungs on him like few others (technique, tone, range - this guy had it all). This is their self titled debut album, and my personal favourite of their releases. An original pressing on Roadrunner Records.

ADX - Weird Visions

Here's the fourth studio album from French Speed metal legends ADX, one of my favourite releases. This is one of the many Noise albums which have been bootlegged over the years, so I was happy to find an original in a 2nd hand shop (you can generally tell when shopping around when the booklet and case looks 'aged'). An original CD press on Noise Records.