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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Amboss - Those Who Have Lost The Right To Exist

Germany's Amboss never existed for long, but they did leave us with this one full length to ponder from 1993. Released on the tiny Crypta Records, this went under the radar to most, gaining scant praise from the handful of deepest delvers into the realm of the internet, which helped beam the obscure into everyone's homes. Weird, creepy death metal with a real vibe of oddity and strangeness. Spoken word passages, occasional clean vocals and tons of atmosphere helped these guys stand out, but alas it was too late for them. There's something about that cover art which is genuinely eerie too... love it.


  1. This looks real interesting, and I agree that cover art is awesome. Love Crypta; Chemical Breath's "Fatal Exposure" is fantastic and one of my favourite discs!

  2. Aye, Crypta were great. Another one of those impossibly small labels that put out a handful of great releases only to disappear into obscurity.

  3. awesome. now need to find me a copy..

  4. What for a great Band! i am so lucky to have this cd!