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Ophthalamia - To Elishia / Dominion

Ophthalamia were a super group of sorts, featuring IT & All of Abruptum, Emil Nödtveidt (Swordmaster, and brother of Dissection's Jon) and Ole Öhman (Dissection). They played an at times avantgarde style of black metal with a creepy doomy atmosphere - orthodox black metal this is not. 'To Elishia' is a compilation of demo material and rehearsal tracks, and 'Dominion' is the bands final album - most of their other releases are still in print, and I think that these two are the only ones by them which are no longer in circulation. 'To Elishia' is an original pressing by Necropolis Records, and 'Dominion' is on the similarly defunct No Fashion Records.

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