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Gontyna Kry - Welowie / Krew Naszych Ojców / Sciezka Zapomnianych Prawd

Well, here's a little more obscurity for you all. Gontyna Kry is an old Slavonic term meaning "Temple of Blood" in Polish (yes, they're from Poland), and these guys started out in the early 90s playing a raw brand of black metal with a pagan edge. Lyrically, they were National Socialists, but as the years went on they've tried to move away from the NS ideology to something resembling strictly pagan outpourings. 'Welowie' is the self released demo from the band (here on it's original CD-r pressing with pro printed inlays from '98), 'Krew Naszych Ojców' is handnumbered and limited to 500 copies on Battlefield Records and 'Sciezka Zapomnianych Prawd' is also on Battlefield Records.

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