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Sunday, 17 June 2012

God Macabre - The Winterlong...

God Macabre are seen by many as the ultimate underground Swedeath band who were missed by most first time around. The age of the internet made this a classic years later, and probably quite rightly so. Originally released on Mangled Beyond Recognition Records in 1993, this is the definitive re-issue on Relapse Records which contains the band's 'Consumed by Darkness' demo which they released under the band's former moniker Macabre End.


  1. Great, great album. Happy to have the original.

  2. Awesome. To be honest - it wasn't until recently that I realised that both the original and repressing of this album reaches stupid amounts on eBay - think I paid a tenner for it when it came out in 2002. Doesn't usually cross my mind that something released fairly recently on a fairly 'big' label would be that hard to find or sought after. Mind you, eBay is pretty retarded at the best of times - haha.

  3. Haha, yup eBay can be pretty retarded. I got my copy from a collector for 50 EUR which wasn't bad, really. Sometimes collectors are the only way to get things for a decent price, like the Altar/Cartilage split I paid 50 EUR for, the Cadaver/Carnage split I just paid 40 EUR for, and the Dark Millennium disc I paid $30 just today!

  4. I'm not a fan of paying out large sums for albums. I think if you are shrewd enough you can find 75-80% things you want for a decent price. I got both Dark Millennium albums for less than £5 a piece for example - just need to hunt in the right places. With that said though, I'd happily pay £50 for a Drowned release (I only own two of them (Unbounded Terror & Necrophiliac), but have the Xtreem reissues of Demigod, Rottrevore & Purtenance. Would love that Altar/Cartilage split!