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Demoniac - Stormblade / The Fire and the Wind

After featuring this band's black metal debut earlier in this very blog, here are albums 2 and 3 from Demoniac, the band who's 6 stringers were to go on and form Dragonheart (who later became power metallers Dragonforce). These albums had a much more power/heavy edge to them compared to the debut, but still retained the raspy black metal vocals. There are some interesting set pieces to be heard on each of these albums, but if you've ever wondered what Dragonforce would sound like if they beefed themselves up a bit and got a screamer on the mic, here's your best bet! By the way, straining your eyes to work out the artwork of their final album 'The Fire & The Wind'? Well, it's the guitarist Sam shagging a woman doggy style, whilst enjoying a beer and flicking the bird, naturally. What else could it be?! Hahaha! Check out Metal Archives for the uncensored pic that Osmose just wouldn't allow! Original pressings on Evil Omen, and Osmose Records respectively.

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