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Carnage / Cadaver - Dark Recollections / Hallucinating Anxiety

Two of my all time faves, on ONE DISC? Hell yes. Swedes Carnage should need no introduction to anyone who loves Stockholm sounding death metal, basically featuring most of the line up of Dismember's early days with Michael Amott of Carcass/Arch Enemy on guitars too! Cadaver's debut album is also a great listen, aggressive and bile filled, with quite a quirky nature from the scatty Norwegians. What the fuck is that monstrosity on the Cadaver cover artwork?! I've never worked it out (artwork shown, the Carnage cover is the other side of the inlay). An original pressing on Necrosis Records, an ancient offshoot of Earache Records which was effectively ran by Jeff & Bill of Carcass.


  1. Mine is in the mail to me at the moment and I can't wait to receive it! Didn't know the label was run by Bill and Jeff, that's awesome.

  2. the cadaver cover ??? :D its a giant fish-eye withe the rest of the body ...the innards ;D

  3. Ah yeah, I always figured it was some sort of eye & entrails - looks like there's a sprinkling of maggots, BBQ sauce and dirt too.