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Risk - The Daily Horror News / Hell's Animals / Ratman EP / Dirty Surfaces / The Reborn

German's Risk first four albums (and early EP!) of fun, thrashing metal (well, perhaps a little less fun come The Reborn!). Risk started out as 'Faithful Breath', who actually formed back in the 60's as a prog rock band - many years and line up changes later, a few members went onto form Risk and go Thrash. Mixing up the likes of Rage, early Helloween and Scanner, these guys were a little more Speed metal early on, but they certainly knew how to thrash when it mattered. If you're a thrasher and haven't heard the name Risk before, you could do a lot worse than checking out any of theses releases (though, you can give their final fifth album - not pictured here - a miss). All original pressings on Steamhammer.


  1. How the fuck did you manage to get all these original copies man?! There's bootlegs abound, but I can make out the matrices on the discs and all these are legit - amazing - your collection must be worth a fortune! lol

  2. You don't have to spend a fortune if a) you're old and bought it before it was out of print or b) you have the patience to scour 2nd hand shops/distros around the UK like myself