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Monday, 7 May 2012

God Forsaken - Dismal Gleams of Desolation / The Tide Has Turned

These guys never quite won me over unfortunately, but I know they do have a fairly decent following in the underground. The music they made was indeed doom/death, but the doom side to it is more of a bouncy, Cathedral-esque doom which gives off a rock and roll vibe - all with death metal vocals! Both original Adipocere Records pressings.


  1. Their first release "Dismal Gleams" had some great tracks in my personal opinion. Though I can completely understand why some get caught up in some of the odd passages. I'm a sucker for Old School Death/Doom. Big fan of Winter, Disembowelment etc...

    1. Yeah, they're not bad albums by any means - they just didn't really grab me by the throat

    2. Yeah I completely understand. They're not that intense compared to some other Doom/Death releases.

  2. I love these albums man! I know what you mean though, they're not immediate