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Arcane Sun - Arcane Sun

The one and only album from Irish doom/death crew Arcane Sun. These guys were on the unfortunate Ars Metalli label who went bust and let a whole lot of talented bands down (Arcane Sun had actually recorded their 2nd album but it's been left unreleased to this day). A great album which shouldn't disappear into the mists of time - atmospheric dirgy doom death.


  1. Never ever heard of this before. But if it's "dirgy doom death" like you say, I'm definitely gonna check it out.

    1. Check this out - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM-FNo_8ff0&feature=related - not as dirgy as I remembered (that'll teach me for not listening to it properly when writing a quick synopsis), more like mid-period Paradise Lost or The Gathering's first album. Good shit either way.