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Pungent Stench - For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh / Been Caught Buttering / Club Mondo Bizarre: For Members Only

Damn, my 400th post. I honestly never thought I would get this far with this blog, especially when I put it on hold due to lack of time/interest/rarities a while ago. Well I'm pleased to say I'm getting more interest than ever these days, which is really motivating for me to keep it up. So, PLEASE keep your comments, requests and e-mails coming! Hell, I've even spotted some cheeky/lazy fuckers stealing my images for their eBay listings! hahah! Looking to the future of the blog, I currently have a stack of pre-scanned CDs that I've yet to post up, which should last me quite some time (about 80-plus new ones at last count). So I'm not going anywhere anytime soon most of you will be pleased to hear.

Anyhow, as this is my four hundredth milestone of posts, I figured I should be posting something fairly special in terms of releases. And then I thought 'no, fuck it - I'll go for Pungent Stench' - haha! So here we have Pungent Stench's first three albums (including both the first and repress of their debut album). 'Been Caught Buttering' is the original US pressing, and 'Club Mondo Bizare' is the 'banned artwork' version, with the monkey having.. errr.. fun with a banana and a lady (when you unfold the booklet, it reveals all - but it's too big for me to scan on my scanner unfortunately!). All presses on Nuclear Blast Records.

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  1. Fuck yeah man, your blog is awsome! Keep em coming mang!