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Earthquake - The Truth

These Swedes make me think of one thing only. Remember the band mentioned in Wayne's World? The Shitty Beatles. Well, these guys are The Shitty Metallica. Hahahah. They really REALLY wanted to be Metallica, but just failed for the most part. Sure, there are a few signs of hope (usually when they decide they also want to be Megadeth), but for most, it's really not so good. Still, out of print on the short-lived Eurorecords label (and quite frankly, probably deservedly so!).

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  1. I agree that the music was not that great & the cover painting was not that great either, it was commissioned for this CD & I painted it. But take a look at some of my other paintings. "Palmlovers Arranged by the Sky" ended up as the cover for Daevid Allen's(Soft Machine, Gong, etc) & Don Falcone's(Spirits Burning etc) band Weird Biscuit Teatime,"DJDDAY". & "Yaraia" is the cover for the upcoming Spirits Burning/Clearlights CD "Healthy Music in Large Doses". "Fungicide!" is the cover for Robert Devereux's CD "Fungicide", inspired by Jeff VanderMeer's amazing novel "City of Saints & Madmen".
    All the best, Hawk <0>