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Fear of God - Within the Veil

Some great thrash metal here, with fantastic set of lungs behind the mic stand, courtesy of the late Dawn Crosby (also of Detente). I find this album quite an interesting listen, as not only does it thrash, but it has quite a good range of songs on offer. Well worth looking into for those who haven't already.

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  1. yes, this is very thrashy, but come on dude!her vocals sounds like she's crying whaling, it sounds like her voice is cracking! Shecan scream like hell, shriek, but she sure can growl like you know what! Guitar riffing is very slow tempo, down tuned, very droning ,Plus verydepressive vocals.it starts off very fast, but not too fast. Then it slows down. The guitar riffing is very crunchy fuzzy sounding, an dark. dude, this is doom metal!